Monday, 25 March 2013

Market Goods 3 - Cushion covers

Continuing the story of the market goods, today's post is about the cushion covers.
I've only designed and made 4 different ones, all very simple envelope style. The best selling design was the "Boobook and Hakea" but my favourite one is the "Woman and Peacocks" design.

Boobook and Hakea

Woman and Peacocks

Raven and Olives

New Holland Honey Eater and Showy Honey Myrtle

2 cushions in my garden

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Market Goods 2 - Baby quilts

Today's post is the second installment on the Crafters Market story.
This one is about the baby quilts I made for the market. All quilts are made from one yard of fabric because they are printed in the US and the Americans have not converted to metric.
One yard is 91cm. All fabrics are on sale at my Spoonflower shop.

A stack of quilts

Marching Pigeons

Yellow Baby

Oz Animals red

Oz Animals green

Birds and Roses

Blue Bird squares

Geo Garden cheater's quilt

Monday, 11 March 2013

Market Goods 1-Tea cosies

In December 2012 I exhibited my homewares for the first time at the George Street Crafters Market in East Fremantle.
In the excitement of it all I forgot my camera at home and as a consequence I have no photos of the event to post on this blog.
I must say that I did very well, with the help of Audrey (super sales woman of the day) and Winnie, who manned the stall all day with me.
Today's post is about the Tea cosies I made for the market, all of them made from my own Spoonflower fabrics.

Yellow Garden tea cosy

Hakea blue tea cosy

Green Wattle Bird tea cosy

Hakea yellow tea cosy

Maleleuca tea cosy

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wall Decals

It's very trendy again to decorate your walls with stickers. Lots of online printing houses are now offering those products. My own printer Spoonflower is also offering that service.
I've tried printing some stickers using my Oz Animals design, minus the background colour.

Oz Animals wall decals
They come in a large sheet with all 6 animals, or separately in single or multiples. They peel easily and you can stick them elsewhere if you want to change the location or redecorate.
Here is a test one stuck on the back of my computer.

They are now for sale at my shop online.